Get 10% off your CIPS Award for School Business Professionals

Get 10% off your CIPS Award for School Business Professionals

The CIPS Award for School Business Professionals is a 12-month procurement and supply learning programme that has been designed specifically for the education sector by ISBL and CIPS, based on the CIPS Global Standard. It incorporates terminology, practices and unique challenges specific to schools.

After successfully completing the programme you will be awarded with a Diploma membership of CIPS. The programme is underpinned by the ISBL Professional Standards and recognised by the Department for Education.

The ISBL Professional Development Fund will also provide 10% towards the cost of the programme for the first 12 bookings on the November cohort.

“With ever increasing pressure on schools to ‘do more for less’, it is essential SBPs develop their skills to undertake procurement as effectively as possible to offer their organisation best value. Best value is not just about money. Procurement is a complex process which must consider the cost of the product/service to the end of its life in relation to regulatory frameworks and international law. To be able to develop my skills and knowledge online to fully understand the procurement regulations without travelling to London is too good an opportunity to miss.” CIPS Award for School Business Professionals Graduate

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