Hub Live! offers new advice and guidance webcasts at the click of a button…

We are delighted to introduce the Hub Live! webcast series that tackles those thorny procurement issues in a lively and refreshing way. The webcast series has been designed with your busy week in mind. Each webcast is less than 10 minutes long – perfect for viewing during a coffee break.

Each Hub Live! webcast will include a brief introduction to the Hub and guidance on a range of topics including:


Post-Brexit procurement

Are you up to date on how leaving the EU has affected your procurements? Our webcast has the latest information.


Procurement planning and timelines

Knowing what a complex procurement involves and how long it will take is key to robust planning and being compliant. This webcast allows you to plan effectively and be ready well in advance.


Consolidation v Lotting

What are the benefits of reducing the number of suppliers you use and consolidating contracts? Watch our expert advice here.


Contract management tips

Looking for tips on managing your contracts and suppliers? Look no further, we’ve created this webcast to guide you.


ICT managed services, hardware and software

How can you manage the ever-changing ICT requirements of your school or Trust? Watch this webcast to find out.



Catering is one of the few areas where schools can generate a surplus, and this webcast covers how to secure the best value contract and get the right quality for your school.



This webcast is full of tips and practical advice to help you organise your cleaning contract so that it is compliant and that you get the service you want.



How do you get the contract that you need? How can you ensure it is fair, transparent, and compliant? Listen to this webcast to find out how a robust evaluation process can help meet all your requirements from the outset.



Frameworks and Dynamic Purchasing Systems 

Find out about frameworks: how easy it is to use them, how they can help you and how to pick the right framework for your needs. Hear how DfE frameworks have been selected with your school in mind.


Energy management

Watch this short webcast for expert tips on how to manage your energy procurement and ensure you get a good deal on gas and electricity.


Managing your printing requirements

This webcast will help you understand how to procure your MFD and printer services to get best value for your school.


Specifications: social value, sustainability and data collection

An accurate and detailed specification is crucial to a successful procurement. Here we highlight the key factors you should take into account.


Statutory Testing for MATs

In this webcast we give our top tips for procuring your statutory testing needs, from understanding the supply market to how to structure your service.


TUPE: avoiding the pitfalls

This webcast covers the TUPE process in an accessible manner, to ensure you are prepared for all your staff transfer requirements.


Local Government Pension Schemes (LGPS)

Listen to what the Hub’s procurement advisors have learnt about dealing with Local Government Pension Schemes.


Managing under-performing suppliers

A robust working relationship with your supplier is essential, but what happens when things aren’t happening as they should?


Securing bids for small schools

You’ve written the specification and sent out the tender but received few or no bids? Listen to practical advice and guidance to get suppliers interested.


Tightening up on tenders

Well defined tenders head off a host of problems down the line. This short video offers tips on T&Cs and avoiding common pitfalls.


How to avoid the last-minute dash

Preparation, preparation, preparation. This short webcast provides hands-on advice on how to ensure you are prepared for all your upcoming tenders.

If you would like further information about any of our webcasts or have any procurement-related questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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