Buying Support

The Hub is a free, DfE funded service, available to all schools in the South West. The Hub can assist with all areas of spend that are non-staff costs. So far, we have helped schools, MATs and clusters in your region;

  • Generate savings from improved catering contracts. An infant school in Gloucestershire generated savings of £53,000; a MAT in Wiltshire generated savings of £148,500; and a MAT in Cornwall generated savings of £1.4m
  • Secure savings for collective purchasing initiatives; a cluster of five primary schools generated a £39,300 saving through their new catering contract
  • Procure cleaning contracts, improving the quality of the service with more cleaning hours; including a primary school in Devon that saved £24,000 on its new contract; a secondary school that saved £100,000; and a MAT in Cornwall that saved £300,000
  • Secure savings on grounds maintenance contracts with a secure contract management process and robust key performance indicators. We recently achieved a £930,000 saving for a MAT over 5 years
  • Helped a primary school in Bournemouth generate savings of £30,000 on their MFD contract; and a secondary school in Wiltshire generate savings of £143,000 on their ICT Managed Services

Our procurement experts offer unlimited advice and guidance on buying, support with high-value complex contracts in areas including catering, cleaning, premises and technology services. We can also support collaboration with neighbouring schools where there is an opportunity to reduce costs.

To review the DfE’s guidance and resources for buying goods and services click here. If you require help either accessing or buying resources for remote education, please find the DfE guidance here.


Maintained Schools

We can save you time and money, taking work off your hands whilst ensuring that you stay compliant. Speak to a specialist about your buying needs and let us identify ‘quick win’ and long-term saving opportunities for your school.  We can help you explore the benefits of outsourcing your managed services and oversee the entire process for you.

Academies and MATs

We are experts in creating efficiencies across groups of schools. Regardless of the size of your MAT, the Hub can work with you to develop a procurement plan to ensure that each academy receives the services that it needs, as well as establishing centralised trust-wide contracts, minimising your workload and maximising savings.

Collective Buying

Collective purchasing can save your school or Trust money across several categories including ICT hardware and software, water and energy. You can also generate savings on your catering, cleaning and grounds maintenance contracts.We can help facilitate conversations between neighbouring schools and within your Trust.

You can use the Hub to procure anything from ICT services to ground maintenance, catering to energy.

Facilities Management

• Catering
• Cleaning
• Building Maintenance
• Grounds Maintenance
• Furniture, Fittings and Equipment
• Security
• Estates Management
• Building Works

Professional Services

• HR
• Payroll
• Legal
• Audit and Accountancy
• Insurance
• Marketing


• Admin Supplies
• Learning Resources
• ICT Learning Resources
• Agency Staff


• ICT Managed Services
• ICT Software
• ICT Hardware
• Photocopier/MFD


• Energy
• Water
• Heating and Renewables

How does the service work?

Contact us with your requirements and one of our procurement experts will get in contact with the next steps.

We can also offer a free 30-minute QuickStart Consultation where we can discuss your buying needs, whether that be for high-value goods and services or general procurement-related questions. We will also help devise a comprehensive three-year Buying Plan.

Contact us here to find out more about the Hub service