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The Department for Education’s current Schools’ Buying Strategy intends to help schools save over £1 billion a year on their non-staff spend. The aim is to assist all schools in improving how they buy goods and services – supporting them in managing cost pressures and allowing them to maximise the resources they can invest in high quality education for their pupils.

A key initiative is the regional Schools’ Buying Hubs, designed to help schools with more complex buying activities. We are here to help schools achieve savings on goods and services which can be effectively bought on a regional basis – or where the services are complex, infrequently purchased and high value.


Why use Schools’ Buying Hub South West?
We are committed to:

  • Helping schools buy and manage their services more effectively, allowing them to maximise the resources they can invest in high-quality education for their pupils
  • Promoting and encouraging the development of local School Business Professional networks
  • Strengthening local service provision and cohesion to meet local needs
  • Directing buyers to better value, and compliant school-friendly deals and frameworks – such as those provided by Public Sector Buying Organisations
  • Identifying where new local or national deals and frameworks are needed by schools and work with the market providers and the Department for Education to develop them

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